Rainwater Harvesting

  • Since its incpetion, Agency for Barani Areas Development (ABAD), has been providing the services for development of rainwater harvesting   structures. These sturctures consist of Mini Dams, Water Ponds, Water Conveyance System, Lift Irrigation Schemes, Roof Top Harvesting, Water  Storage Tank, Dug Wells/Sump Wells/Shallow Tube Wells & Turbines
  • The Mini Dam constructued for rainwater harvesting has the storage capacity of more than 40 AFT to 100 AFT
  • The life of these structures is usually 20-30 years (depending upon the proper care given by the beneficiary farmers)
  • More than 3000 structures (mini dams/ponds) have been established by ABAD so far by providing Government subsidy to the farmers
  • Feasibility Study Survey of Mini Dam (FSMD) Cell has been working since 1982 and has been providing the technical services for construction of  rain water harvesting structures