Poverty Alleviation


  • The prime objective of the development in the Punjab Barani Area remained pverty alleviation and will remain till the real income generation

Impact Assessment Report of Barani Village Development Project

 Barani Village Development Project (BVDP), (1999 - 2007) a mega multi-sectoral project was carried out in 06 Tehsils of Rawalpindi Division in collaboration with IFAD. Salient features of the project completion report, submitted by IFAD, are as under:

  • Poverty, which was 45.47% in 1999 reduced to 29.48%.
  • The project brought more than 3900 acres of land under cultivation.
  • The production of wheat and maize increased @ 76% and 60% with around 11000 tons of net increase due to irrigation schemes.
  • Soil conservation measures increased 21 to 31 % of wheat and maize production.
  • Human access to water increased by 4% and that of livestock increased by11%.
  • Trainings imparted to women resulted in around US$ 24 to US$ 105 per annum increase in their income.
  • Trainings imparted to men resulted in around US$ 17 to US$ 70 per annum increase in their income.
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