Integrated Development Programme For Punjab Barani Tract- (Focus On Southern Districts)

Cost:  940.0 Million
Location:  06 Districts (Rajanpur, D.G Khan, Bhakkar, Layyah, Mianwali & Khushab)

Water Resource Development Through Construction Of Water Reservoirs To Mitigate Desertification/Drought In Punjab Barani Tract

Cost:  800.0 Million
Location:  05 Districts (Rajanpur, D.G Khan, Mianwali, Narrowal, Khushab)

Promotion Of Alternate Energy For Command Area Development In The Barani Tract

Cost:  500.00 Million
Location:  13 Districts of Punjab Barani Tract

Promotion Of Renewable Energy Source For The Cottage Industry And Small Business Owners In Punjab’s Barani Tract

Cost:  180.00 Million
Location:  03 Districts (Sialkot, Narowal & Gujrat)

Promotion Of Olive Farming And Afforestation In Punjab’s Barani Tract

Cost:  180.00 Million
Location: 13 Districts of Punjab Barani Tract

Multi-Sectoral Development Package for the Uplift of Marginalized Rural Population of Punjab Barani Tract

Cost:  5000.00 million
Location:  Punjab Barani Tract

Integrated Development of Barani Areas through Western Corridor of CPEC

Cost: 5200.00 million
Location:  Six adjoining Tehsils of CPEC

Prevention of Locust in Punjab Barani Tract

Cost: 200.00 Million
Location:  13 Districts (Punjab Barani Tract)